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The Audiobook of Escaping Maya’s Palace is out!

Posted on: 29th April, 2023

The AUDIOBOOK of Escaping Maya’s Palace: Decoding an Ancient Myth to Heal the Hidden Madness of Modern Civilization is out! It’s beautifully narrated by professional actor Victor Vertunni and available now on all the usual audiobook platforms, including Audible, Barnes & Noble,, Spotify, Scribd, Google Play, etc.

If you buy the audiobook, I also recommend that you download a free PDF that includes the book’s twenty-five illustrations.

A sample of reader reviews from

REQUIRED READING FOR THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY: As someone with a spiritual practice who is committed to social and environmental justice, this book is an enormous resource to help me contextualize where we’re at, how we got here and what to do about it . . . . I’ve shared this book with my colleagues and friends working at the intersection of spirituality and the social justice movement. I offer a deep bow of gratitude to the author.” ~ Julie W.

CAN HUMANKIND CHOOSE TO ESCAPE DOOM?: Are we humans, arguably the brainiest, most creative species on this planet, doomed? . . .  Sclove is cautiously optimistic that . . . we can take a path leading to environmental recovery, justice, world order and peace. How do we do this? A good start would be to read this magnificent book.” ~Ash Hartwell, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

HEADY AND HEARTFUL AT THE SAME TIME: Richard Sclove offers us a theory of everything that reveals an extraordinary depth and breadth of personal (and transpersonal) consciousness. . . . The Mahabharata is a Rosetta Stone he has been using to decode the enigma of who we are. He has dwelled in its layered mysteries and now returns to offer us a vision of our own nature, why we suffer, how we are united in our suffering, how delusion underlies our many predicaments, and where some of the pathways out of these predicaments can be found. . . . This is a generous hearted book dedicated to helping us – individually and collectively – awaken from our dream, and moreover, from our many nightmares.” ~ Dr. Jonathan Klate